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The Various Forms of Printed Images

Printed images may be appreciated in several forms.

Of course, the most common form of printed image, and one most of us are familiar with, is a print made on photo paper.  This type of print of print media has existed for well over a hundred years in various forms of media and printing technology.

Inkjet printing technology has rapidly advanced to not only include advancements in printing technology, but also in print media themselves.  There are now choices of metallic paper, baryta paper, and fine-art cotton fiber papers for individual prints.  The final choice of print media will be determined by the aesthetic value that the artist wishes to achieve.

Inkjet print media has also expanded to include museum quality canvas for creating truly one-of-a-kind personal works of art.  Canvas gallery wraps are among the most popular and prized forms of art that people display in their homes.

Inkjet printing media has also recently expanded to include printing on other substrates such as actual metal.

Finally, people may choose to print a collection of images as a fine-art book which can be the centrepiece of their coffee table in their living room and become treasured family records and keepsakes which only become more valuable with the passage of time.  Wedding albums, when displayed in the form of a fine-art book, are simply stunning in their effect and convey an unmatched representation of a couple’s wedding story.  This type of experience must be seen to be fully appreciated.

Over the next several weeks, we will examine each of these print forms in detail.

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