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Wedding Tips: The Creative Portrait Session

The goal is to finding beautiful locations with spectacular lighting which will allow the couple to emotionally connect with each other.

In a creative wedding portrait session, there tends to be very little formal posing, as this lends itself to creating more unique and spontaneous images if you come up with ideas of your own. If you have an idea, don’t be afraid to bring it up, even though it may sound silly or impossible to do. Even if your concept does not work out, it can evolve into other ideas that eventually create a great picture.


Bridal Portrait at the Nottawasaga Inn

Be Oblivious to the Camera

When a good spot or shooting location is found, the photographer will give you general instructions on where to stand. You can then hug, kiss, play, dance around . . ., anything you like; however, don’t look directly at the photographer, as the goal is to make it appear as though you didn’t even know you were being photographed.

The Kiss

When you are asked to kiss, do it very slowly, and give a little extra pause at the moment just before your lips touch, as this is the most romantic part of the kiss. In addition, when you kiss, don’t pucker your lips out; just relax your face and allow your mouth to stay slightly open.

Hand Posture

Remember to be conscious of the posing of your hands, as they tell a great deal about how you are feeling. So be aware of relaxing them and placing them on your partner in ways that feel comfortable.

Try to remember these tips, as they will make for better and more photojournalistic, candid type shots for your wedding portraits that will be the envy of your friends!

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