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Wedding Tips: The Kiss

There are some simple guidelines for a couple to follow when kissing in order to improve their romantic pictures.

  • Don’t smash your faces together when you kiss. The most romantic part of the kiss is the moment just before the lips actually make contact. Take it slow as you get in close and linger at that place where there is about an inch between your lips. In this way, the photographer can capture a sense of anticipation that leaves something to the imagination in the moment just before the lips touch; this sense of mystery contributes to the feeling of romance in the image.

First Kiss at the Old Mill Inn in Toronto.

  • Try not to tilt your head to the side when you kiss. Face your partner straight on (almost nose to nose) so the photographer can see both faces from the side.
  • Don’t pucker your lips out when you kiss. Kiss with a relaxed face. When you’re not kissing, relax your face so much that your mouth hangs slightly open. Most people actually do have their mouths slightly open when they feel relaxed and calm.
  • Don’t smile when you kiss. Smiling lifts the cheek muscles and turns the romantic feeling into a playful feeling. Playful can be good, but most romantic images are a bit more on the serious side.
  • When you are walking, try to occasionally lean in for a kiss without completely stopping. Most important, you need to smile and keep interacting with each other as you walk.
  • Be aware of draping your hands over your partner in a very relaxed way. Clenched fists and stiff fingers give the whole image a strained feeling.
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